About Membership

General Members

Membership is open to those ; Who are in the possession of a Degree, Diploma or a Membership of a recognized Professional Institute in the field of Engineering, Science, Technology or any other professional qualification acceptable to the Council for the particular concerned where it is considered that the contribution of such a member is beneficial to the progress of the Association.


Who are members of the United National Party and who shall accept the principles and policies of the United National Party.

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All members of the District / Provincial Associations shall be members of the Parent Association.

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Members under 4.1 & 4.2 shall be either life members or ordinary members as determined according to the mode of payment prescribed under 10.

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All sitting UNP members of Parliament and Electoral Organizers shall be given Honorary Membership of District / Provincial Associations..


Duties and Functions of the Office Bearers

The President

The President shall preside at all meetings and guide and direct the activities of the Association to realize its objectives. He should ensure that the Secretary convenes a Council meeting once a month. In his absence one of the Vice presidents shall preside.

The Vice Presidents

One of the Vice Presidents shall act for the President in his absence, the Vice Presidents shall perform any other duty entrusted to them by the Council.

The Secretary

The Secretary shall convene the meetings of the Council, Annual General Meeting and the Special General Meetings as per the provisions of the Constitution, keep the minutes of the meetings, attend to the correspondence, maintain the register of the membership, prepare the Annual Report and table same at the AGM and such other duties as directed by the President or the Council . He shall cause action to register the District / Provincial Organizations and coordinate their activities.

The Assistant Secretaries

One of the Assistant Secretaries shall function as the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary. Asst. Secretaries shall carry out any other work entrusted to them by the Council.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the proper disbursement and accounting of funds of the Association, maintain books, issue receipts and present monthly accounts duly audited and certified by the Auditors to the Association.

The Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in all matters pertaining to accounts of the Association.

The Editor

The Editor shall be responsible for the preparation, publication and distribution of the News letter at least once in six months. The Editor shall also be responsible for any other publications and media reports concerning the activities of the Association.

The Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editor shall assist the Editor in all matters pertaining to the duties of the Editor.

The Council Members

The Council Members shall perform duties entrusted to them by the Council and they shall be incorporated into various Sub Committees of the Association


District / Provincial Associations

The President

The functions of the Office Bearers of the District / Provincial Associations of NAPETS are similar to that of the Office Bearers of the Parent association, the President and Secretary of District / Provincial Associations shall coordinate with the Parent Association.