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Health information

To provide an opportunity for professionals of different categories to meet and exchange ideas to gain wider knowledge and experience thus making available the best possible professional and technical expertise for the development of the country.

Symptom Check

To offer professional advice and guidance during planning and formulation of state policies and to persuade the state to implement these policies under such expert professional guidance to create a strong economic structure for Sri Lanka.

Medical education

To safeguard the rights of the professionals who are members of the NAPETS and create opportunities for their personal progress and job satisfaction.

Qualified Doctors

To take appropriate measures to create a conducive environment for the members to progress in their chosen professions.

Medical education

To provide opportunities for members to have a stake in the development of the country.

Qualified Doctors

To create networks with other professional bodies for mutual benefit.

Qualified Doctors

To assist the United National Party in drafting, formulating and implementing of the policies and programs of the party.

Qualified Doctors

To advice the United National Party from time to time through the General Secretary of the party on any practice, based on Scientific, Technical and Engineering aspect which would be of national interest.

Committee Members